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The Kojima Affair

Yesterday Twitter feeds exploded in a crescendo the amounting evidence that Hideo Kojima is in the process of ending his business relationship with his really long term employer. Being the troll that he is I read these events with the skepticism they deserve.

I love Kojima and his work. It’s part of me as a person, I grew up with his games. I have been trolled with each successive release of MGS and thus firmly believe the man to be a trickster.

I don’t believe any of this is real.


Why :

Two years ago it was announced, to my personal displeasure, that David Hayer wouldn’t be reprising his role as Big Boss, instead a fledgling (at least in the Video Game world) Kiefer Sutherland would play as an aging Big Boss. The majority of the MGS community manifested their displeasure, for all intents and purposes, David Hayter is Snake.

Hayter’s confirmed he wasn’t attached to the project. The date of the announcement : April 1st.

If this doesn’t raise any flags, know that it was already a rumor for the weeks leading up to April 1st. Lemme just check the date real quick. Oh .. it’s March the 20th.

My prediction is the following: If this is a hoax, Kojima himself will confirm the rumors April 1st.

The public at large already believes this rumor. It won’t be a stretch that major media outlets will play along. After all, all lies aside, April 1st is still a regular day.

As Hayter probably plays a young Snake, Kojima will probably still direct Silent Hills.

I can’t understand a company that releases a game teaser being able to separate business associates unceremoniously them beeing : the best Game Director the world has ever seen and a renowned Hollywood Director. They need this game. Silent Hill has been drifting further and further into obscurity, and will be left there if not for this game.

Come April we shall know.


A formal statement by Konami was released today. It does sound ambiguous enough for the game to continue till April 1st.

Also :


Even Konami’s social manager seems to be celebrating all the Konami hate that popped immediately after this.

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